Busbar Prototyping

QTI Prototype stands alone as a supplier of quick delivery prototype bus bars. Our production capability, knowledge of laminating and assembly techniques, and in-house engineering support make QTI Prototype the best choice for bus bar prototypes. We offer fast turn service on both low-voltage and high-voltage bus bars, ranging from single element to complex laminated configurations. QTI Prototype also has a hi-pot testing lab, and provides testing documentation.

Our experience with Bus Bar design criteria and assembly techniques allow us to aid your product designers throughout the prototype cycle by suggesting cost-saving modifications and standard assembly accessories such as insulating materials and hardware, and finishing options (plating, painting).

Our prototype capabilities mirror those of QTI Manufacturing and QTI Design. QTI Prototype serves as a stand alone fast turn supplier for "Proof of Concept (POC)" fabricated sheet metal enclosures, discreet parts, machined parts, and bus bars. We also function as a crucial link between product design and manufacturing with our unique ability to provide "Proof of Process (POP)" prototypes. QTI Prototype can reduce a typical Design-to-Market cycle by eliminating the need for multiple prototype iterations and pilot manufacturing runs. We do this by programming and manufacturing prototype components with production software, for production manufacturing equipment. The POP model ensures that potential manufacturability issues are identified and resolved during the prototype stage. Your parts are 'production-ready' by the end of the quick turn prototype cycle.

Project Requirements Proof of Concept Proof of Process
CAD Model
Inspection Requirements
Plating (choose one)
Custom N/A

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